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Which Coffee Variety Is Up for Your Taste?

Which Coffee Variety Is Up for Your Taste?

As a provider of one of the best coffee beans in Chicago, Illinois, and coffee drinkers ourselves, we’ve known just how much having that cup of joe can make mornings infinitely better.

But did you know that by simply knowing your coffee and your preference, you can elevate your coffee drinking experience? Here’s how.

Being a coffee bean seller collective, we’re well-aware that sifting and explaining through over 100 coffee species will take us a while. Fortunately, when it comes to your daily cup, there are only two varieties cultivated for drinking—arabica and robusta. By knowing the characteristics of both, you can easily decide which one fits your palate better and easily improve your coffee drinking experience.

Robusta, for one, has a stronger, nuttier, heartier taste and produces more crema than arabica which makes it ideal for espressos and other wake-me-up coffees. This variety contains twice as much caffeine as Arabica at 1.7-4% mg.

The arabica variety, on the other hand, tends to have a sweeter, softer taste. It is more acidic than robusta and has a sugary, fruity, and berry tone. Its caffeine content is at 0.8-1.4% mg.

At Bamenda Coffee, we offer both varieties on our organic coffee in Illinois so you can decide yourself which you like better, or, if you’ve been sticking to that cup of robusta for a long time, so you can try something new.

Ready to up your coffee drinking experience? We’ll be sure to deliver your coffee beans within 48 hours from roasting to ensure freshness. Order yours today!

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