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The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Cup of Coffee

The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Cup of Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover like us over here at Bamenda Coffee, then you know the struggle of not getting enough of that caffeine kick to start the day. It’s our holy grail.

So, once we get our hands on a cup of great coffee, let’s make sure to enjoy each sip in the best way possible. Here’s how you can enjoy your coffee more than you already do:

  • Drink in moderation.
    Did you know that only four cups of coffee is the recommended intake per day? That’s equivalent to 400 milligrams of caffeine. Enjoy your favorite caffeine fix without compromising your health. Drink moderately. Take it from us, your friendly neighborhood coffee bean seller.
  • Never drink coffee on an empty stomach.
    This can lead to all sorts of medical problems, such as indigestion and heartburn. To avoid health complications, remember to pair your cup of coffee with a hearty meal or some snacks.
  • Choose organic.
    Organic coffee is getting the buzz for all the right reasons. It’s free of harmful chemicals and rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. We, at Bamenda Coffee, produce and sell organic coffee in Illinois. So if you’re searching for a good place to try organic coffee, try our blends. They’re made of high quality beans.
  • Make sure it’s always fresh.
    Don’t grab that cup of lukewarm coffee. Never settle for less. Always look for the cup of warm, rich, and flavorful coffee with the most delightful aroma.
  • Experiment.
    How will you know which blend of coffee is the best if you’re not open to trying out other options? Explore. Try different blends. Allow us to help you. We have the best coffee beans in Chicago, Illinois.
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