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The Best Foods to Pair with Your Coffee

The Best Foods to Pair with Your Coffee

Sure, you can pair anything you want with your coffee. But there’s just something to be said about coffee pairings that seem to be made straight out of heaven. If you’re looking to trade your usual pastry and coffee combo for something new, we at Bamenda Coffee, the premier source of the best coffee beans in Chicago, Illinois, have rounded up some coffee pairing suggestions you must try at least once in your lifetime.

  • Coffee and Berries Pairing
    Best for well-balanced coffees with bright and tangy notes such as coffee sourced from Latin America, coffee and berries make for a refreshing pair. The best part is, any variety of berry can do, and it doesn’t matter if it’s solo or baked into sweets.
  • Coffee and Chocolate Pairing
    For coffee that has spice and cocoa notes like the Arabian and Middle East variants and those with citrus flavors like our organic coffee in Illinois that we source from the highlands of Bamenda, Africa, chocolate does a good job of enhancing these flavors to create a fragrant, light treat.
  • Coffee and Crepe Pairing
    Robust and earthy coffee varieties grown in the Pacific Islands pair well with breakfast crepes, complementing their savory taste with its full yet simple flavor.
  • Coffee and Toast Pairing
    There’s a reason why toast and coffee have been the go-to pairings for ages. And while just about any coffee can go with toast, medium roast variants from a Colombian and Guatemalan coffee bean seller, for instance, make for the well-balanced pairing with its heavy body and intense flavor being the perfect complement to the subtle flavors of toast.
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