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Organic Coffee: Health, Environment, & Farmer Benefits

Organic Coffee: Health, Environment, & Farmer Benefits

Organically grown coffee, like Bamenda Coffee, is rich in flavor and free from harmful chemicals. Studies show that organic coffee offers numerous benefits for your health, the environment, and the farmers who produce it.

As the proud producers of the best coffee beans in Chicago, Illinois, we list down some of the benefits of organic coffee.

Benefits for Your Health

  • Organic coffee uses no harsh chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides during production. These harmful chemicals can cause severe illnesses and health complications, ranging from respiratory problems to cancer.
  • One study reveals that women who drink 2 – 3 cups of coffee per day are 15% less likely to develop depression.
  • Drinking organic coffee is a great way to get antioxidants which can boost one’s immune system and overall health. One study shows that the quickest way to get antioxidants in your diet is by drinking 2 – 4 cups of coffee per day.

Benefits for the Environment
To keep costs low and meet the high coffee production demand, some non-organic coffee producers clear-cut rain forests to create coffee plantations. This is seriously damaging the environment.

Choosing to purchase our organic coffee in Illinois can help lessen this environmental damage since we use the shade-growing method. Instead of deforestation, we take advantage of the natural canopy of the forest when growing our beans.

Moreover, we stay away from fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. This means that no harmful chemicals seep into the soil, air, or water to cause harm to farmers or nearby communities.

Benefits for the Farmer

  • Organic farming makes the soil more fertile which in turns makes the land healthier. This can increase both the bean’s quantity and quality over the years.
  • Organic bean production decreases the farmer’s exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Often, farmers who produce organic coffee are fair trade compliant which ensures a higher pay rate.

If you are not drinking organic coffee yet, consider making the switch now to enjoy these benefits!

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