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How Do You Select the Best Coffee for Your Restaurant?

How Do You Select the Best Coffee for Your Restaurant?

It’s true that organic coffee in Illinois is readily available, but is it the ultimate addition to your menu? If you’re quite undecided yet, we have a couple of pointers that should help you come up with a decision.

  • Check the roast freshness

    Fresh is always the best, but how exactly can you tell the amount of “freshness” when it comes to coffee?

    Simple. You just need to check the roast date printed on the packaging. Once you have that settled, be sure to finish all your coffee not later than three weeks so that you can enjoy the full intensity of its flavor.

  • Review the origin

    Searching for clean and sweet-tasting coffee? Then you should opt for beans derived from South America. However, if you want a blend that is fruitier and is blessed with luscious floral aromas, then you can never go wrong with the ones offered by Bamenda Coffee.

  • Determine the roast profile

    What is your preference when it comes to brewing your coffee? Different techniques can influence how your coffee will taste.

    Take an espresso roast, for example; its main aim is to increase the caramelization and body of your coffee. On the other hand, a filter roast will retain the full energizing acidity that comes with each cup.

  • Consider the blend

    There is no wrong answer, just personal preference. If you prefer to serve your coffee with milk, select a blend. It comes from a variety of origins and is carefully put together in order to create a full and complex taste.

    However, if you would like to serve your coffee as is, then a single origin coffee would be your best choice. It delivers a bold taste without any nuances from other flavors.

Where can you get the best coffee beans in Chicago, Illinois?

There is no other supplier in the area that can provide you with a better variety of 100% Arabica and Robusta coffee than us. Place an order today and taste the difference for yourself!

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