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Coffee Guide for Coffee Lovers

Coffee Guide for Coffee Lovers

Bamenda Coffee is one of the top providers of the best coffee beans in Chicago, Illinois. As experts in the industry, it is our responsibility to make sure that we’ve provided enough information to our customers about how to choose the right quality of the coffee. 

To enjoy your organic coffee in Illinois, here are the things you need to remember:

  • Choose a coffee brand that details its source and origin. 
    Inexpensive and low-quality coffee does not present specific details about where the beans were harvested and processed. A label should give you a specific farm, region, or nation from which the beans were cultivated.
  • Review the “roasted on” date.
    High-quality coffee usually has a “roasted on” date on its packaging. This allows the customers to verify its freshness. Coffee beans should be consumed within one month from the roast date. Therefore, you must purchase coffee that’s roasted within a month.
  • Choose a coffee brand that gives additional details. 
    If the coffee brand presents more comprehensive details, it means that the coffee was meticulously made. A high-quality coffee label will give information about how the beans were roasted, the date they were harvested, suggested brewing temperatures, and the altitude the beans were cultivated. 

As your primary coffee bean seller, we encourage you to be careful in choosing your coffee because we believe that you deserve only the best. Order today and experience great mornings with our quality coffee. 

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